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mockup stage的中文翻譯,mockup stage是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯mockup stage,mockup stage的中文意思,mockup stage的中文,mockup stage in Chinese,mockup stage怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

I got an 80 – foot mockup in my kitchen 我的廚房里放著一幅80英尺的模型照片 A virtual assemble method based on division mockup 裝配仿真的實現方法 Truncation effect of rb mockup on antenna radiation pattern 再入體模型截短對天線輻射特性影響

mockup的中文翻译,mockup是什么意思,怎么用汉语翻译mockup,mockup的中文意思,mockup的中文,mockup in Chinese,mockup的中文,mockup怎么读,发音,例句,用法和解释由查查在线词典提供,版权所有违者必究。

static mockup的中文翻譯,static mockup是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯static mockup,static mockup的中文意思,static mockup的中文,static mockup in Chinese,static mockup怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

digital mockup的中文翻譯,digital mockup是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯digital mockup,digital mockup的中文意思,digital mockup的中文,digital mockup in Chinese,digital mockup怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

nuclear mockup的中文翻譯,nuclear mockup是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯nuclear mockup,nuclear mockup的中文意思,nuclear mockup的中文,nuclear mockup in Chinese,nuclear mockup怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有

“mockup experiment”中文翻译 模拟实验 “mockup mold”中文翻译 火工胎架 “mockup reactor”中文翻译 实体模型反应堆 “mockup shop”中文翻译 模式车间 “mockup stage”中文翻译 模型阶段 “mockup test”中文翻译 模型试验 “nuclear mockup”中文翻译

“mockup aircraft”中文翻译 不能飞的样机 “mockup mold”中文翻译 火工胎架 “mockup reactor”中文翻译 实体模型反应堆 “mockup shop”中文翻译 模式车间 “mockup stage”中文翻译 模型阶段 “mockup test”中文翻译 模型试验 “nuclear mockup”中文翻译

“mockup mold”中文翻译 火工胎架 “mockup reactor”中文翻译 实体模型反应堆 “mockup shop”中文翻译 模式车间 “mockup stage”中文翻译 模型阶段 “mockup test”中文翻译 模型试验 “nuclear mockup”中文翻译 核反应堆模拟 “provisional mockup”中文

* ME = 機構 * T1 = 塑膠第一次射出的外殼或是第一次的鐵件 * Mockup 有些公司稱為 prototype * Housing = 機構的外殼 * Mockup Housing = 用快速成型方式做出來外殼,非開模品 組裝之後,這些 sample 會送到各部門做驗證 如 EMI/Safety/Design Qualification

莫基 “moclan”中文翻译 莫克兰 “mockup test”中文翻译 模型试验 “moclin”中文翻译 莫克林 “mockup stage”中文翻译 模型阶段 “moclips”中文翻译 莫克利普斯 “mockup space reactor”中文翻译 实体模型航天器反应堆 “moclobemide”中文翻译 吗氯贝胺

tamper的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. to touch or make changes to something that you should not, usually without enough knowledge of how it works or when you are trying to damage it: 2. to speak to and try to influence someone involved in a legal case: 3. to touch or

25/8/2014 · Just a little free collection of mockups.NOTE: You can not sell these mockups, and if you intend to post them anywhere, please refer back to this page.Thank you!

We are Mockup Zone. We are a team that working on graphic design goodies. Making mock ups, taking stock photos and preparing awesome graphic design templates. Working hard,

這個階段的機構外殼有可能一開始只是拿一塊大的樹脂用雷射雕刻所製作出來的樣品 (mockup),或是用軟模具所生產出來的而已,目的是在真正模具發包生產前,用來驗證機構外殼的設計是否符合需求,因為真正的模具費用很貴,所以要先驗證才能開模。

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27/10/2019 · progress的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. movement to an improved or more developed state, or to a forward position: 2. happening or。了解更多。 In line with previous findings, the former group progressed faster in learning to read the visual list while the latter learned

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In manufacturing and design, a mockup, or mock-up, is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. A mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design.[1] Mock-ups are used by

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First stage on display with the S-IVB Battleship Test Stage stacked in a launch ready condition at the Alabama Welcome Center on I-65 in Ardmore, AL. Second stage, the S-IVB, is on display as a Skylab mockup at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in .

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